Who we are:

We are an estate planning resource in all 50 states assisting individuals and families with some of the most important decisions they will ever make:

  • Who will take care of you when you cannot? 
  • Who will take care of your children if you cannot? 
  • Who will take care of your property when you cannot?
  • Who will have the authority to pay bills for you if you are unable to do so?
  • Who will have authority and access to your financial accounts?
  • Who will receive your property, your home, your investments?

We reach out to all people with these all-important financial resources, including underserved populations, immigrants, etc.

We assist with other financial challenges:

  • Credit repair
  • Debt consolidation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage lending
  • And more, just ask

We reach out to the community and support several non-profits and causes:

  • Ending hunger
  • Assisting homeless shelters
  • Rescue dog training
  • Missing persons
  • Other causes

Why Free Estate Planning.org?  We Make It Affordable for Everyone

We offer people several practical ways to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered by an estate plan.  If a person elects to participate in our “free estate plan” program, then after completing the requirements of the program they will receive their plan free of charge.

Others may elect to finance their estate plan by using a Credit Card, or by using PayPal.   We also offer financing for those having difficulty obtaining financing elsewhere.

Isn’t it time consuming and difficult to prepare an Estate Plan?

We have developed a very simple process that makes it easy for a person to have us assist them with their estate plan.  Just fill out the estate planning questionnaire and we take it from there. There’s no need for inconvenient office visits or lengthy interviews.  All information is secure and confidential.  We are happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment for any further assistance a person might need.

Isn’t Estate Planning Only for Rich People?

Estate Planning covers much more than property (assets).  A proper estate plan allows moms and dads to know by who and how their children will be taken care of.  A proper estate plan allows a person to make sure the right people are in place to assist with difficult financial and medical decisions. 

“I have a WILL—isn’t that good enough?”  NO! NO! NO!

Many people have been led to believe that a will is sufficient for estate planning.  The problem is that a will must be probated.  Probate costs thousands of dollars and can easily eat up many estates.  Also, probate is very public.  Any family controversy may leak out during the probate period—very embarrassing for family and friends.   Finally, probate rarely takes less than a year to complete, and may take several.  This means that property of an estate may be unavailable for distribution to loved ones for a long, long time.  We assist with the preparation of a revocable living trust.  By using a trust, the administration of your estate is made easy and very private.

Further, a will usually does not address medical or financial matters—these are two crucial aspects of a complete estate plan.

Free Estate Planning.org offers people an opportunity to make money while helping others obtain their estate plan

Our referral program allows a person to pay for their estate plan, and, after completing the referral requirements, earn up to $100 for each referral made thereafter.  We have developed a simple referral program that does not require any training or cost. Once the referral program has been completed, you will receive a Revocable Trust, Living Trust, Will, Financial Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive. 

All a person has to do are:

  • Fill out our Referral Information
  • Complete our Estate Plans Questionnaire
  • Select one of our Online Payment Options and make a payment

Then receive credit for the referral.  We will credit your PayPal or Credit Card after the referral requirements are confirmed to be complete.

I would like to opt for “referral” program. Please click here to begin filling out form.

Free Estate Planning.org gives back to the Community

We are dedicated to supporting several community based and or local causes.  For a complete list of charities and non-profits we support, simply request a current list from us.